Usage of Our Products in Mining and Others Industry

Cavers, miners, campers, fishermen, mountaineers, hunters, and other outdoors men

Cavers, miners, campers, fishermen, mountaineers, hunters, and other outdoors men, have been attracted for more than a century to the strong, reliable illumination of Carbide/Acetylene lights. For a long time being strong dependable light. It is very economical to use as it gives hours of light. The lamps work by dripping water (H20) on to calcium carbide (CaC2) which react together to produce acetylene (C2H2) gas and waste product. Gas comes out and ignited at the Jet/Burner, producing a bright white light.

Safety lamp, lighting device used in places, such as mines, in which there is danger from the explosion of flammable gas or dust.

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Serving the mining industry for several years. Traditionally the miners had bought their own candles from the company store

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Great collection of beautiful lights. Specially that automation of lights. Really satisfied with your quality and services.

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