J. K. DEY & SONS established by Mr. J. K. Dey in the year1947. After demise of Mr.J. K. Dey, his dynamic son Mr. M. M. Dey started import business as sole selling agent of one German company with the products viz. Carbide Mining Lamp, Safety Lamp & Safety Torch.

After Governmental ban of import business in our country, Mr. M. M. Dey turned the company into manufacturing line. He established a factory in the year 1957 in Kolkata and developed Carbide Mining Hand Lamp & Safety Torch by his own technology and in 1961 the company received approval certificate from Govt. authority on Safety Torch which is mainly used in hazardous areas where highly dangerous gases endanger life & property. Thereafter he started research & development programme on Safety Lamp, in the year 1967 Mining Authority of India issued approval on our Velox GL5 Flame Safety Lamp ( Kerosene burning ) self-extinguishing type. At that time we captured the whole mining market of safety lamp in India.

After a long research by Mr. M. M. Dey, he developed a self-contained relighting type (top & bottom device ) Safety Lamp namely Velox – GL60 Gas Testing Flame Safety Lamp ( Solvent Spirit burning ) and in the year 1970 the Mining Authority issued the approval of the same.

In 1976, the Government of India laid an imposition that all kinds of underground using apparatus should be marked with ISI (India Standards Institute) now known as Bureau of Indian Standards.  As per IS specification our GL5 brand became outmoded.

In 1978, Mr A K Dey joined the firm & developed the ‘Round Wick’ system of safety lamp & got the approval certificate from the authorities which is still used in Degree I & II Gassy Mines throughout the country.

In 1987 Mining Deptt. Of India advised us to insert a device into the GL50 lamp so that the locking failure (if happens) would not have occurred any mishap in underground mines under any circumstances. We successfully developed the same & obtained approval on our Velox GL50 Gas Testing Flame Safety Lamp with Snuffer Device ( Petrol Burning ) which is widely used in Indian Coal Mines with good reputation till date. The significant role of the said lamp is that whenever fuel vessel is accidentally removed from the top part of the lamp, the flame is extinguished automatically.

In 1999 a unique achievement was made to modify the Velox GL7 Gas Testing Flame Safety Lamp by providing with mechanical pin indicator cum measuring scale. The actual percentage of methane gas can be detected with this device. This lamp is a substitute of Methanometer. In 2000 our new invention was Caving Carbide Lamp and Carbide Generator which are widely used in USA, UK, Germany,  France, Luxembourg, Greece, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Greenland, Austria, Canada, Switzerland,  Slovakia, Brazil, Chilli, Peru, Russia, Australia, Newzeland, Japan, Burma, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria etc.with much reputation. We can make any type of Carbide operated lamp as per customers’ specification.

In 2001 for the sake of mining students we made Methane Gas Testing Chamber which is widely being used for IIT, NIT and Others Universities Students, Vocational Training Center, Examination Center of Director of Mines Safety, Mines Rescue Station and various mining institutions. With the help of this device students are getting much benefited to acquire their knowledge before joining the mining fields.