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Mining Safety Torch for Petroleum Refineries

  • Used In Petroleum Refineries,
  • Petroleum Installations, Petroleum
  • Extruction Plants, Petrol Pumps, Acetylene Generation Factory,
  • Chemical / Rubber Factory, Explosive Godown, Tunnel Construction, Railways / Airlines / Shipping Industry.
  • Approved by Govt. Of India Departments Like :
  • The Chief Controller Of Explosives.The Directorate, General of Mines Safety.
  • Intrinsically Safe In Inflammable Atmosphere.Incorporated With Circuit Breaking Safety Device.Unique Safety Locking Device.Ideal Switch For Fixed And Occasional Light.No Accidental Circuit Forming When The Torch
  • Remains Idle, Thus Prevents Wastage Of Cell.Solid Drawn, Seamless Mouthpiece With
  • Well-Designed Grill, Tough And Crystal Clear Lens, High Gloss Reflector And Pre-focused Bulb
  • To Throw Cent Percentage Clear Beam.